Desperate Housewives S05E01
It will happen to all of us eventually the moment will come when we ask ourselves. Where did the time go? How did the children I once cradled grow up so very quickly? How did the life I dreamt of turn into a career I never expected? And how did that woman I saw each day in the mirror become someone I don’t even recognize?
It goes by so quickly. In a flash, the life we knew is gone forever. And we’re left to ask ourselves. How could he have left me? When did my beauty start to fade? Why has my friend changed? Was I the best mother I could have been?
Of course, there are some people who understand how quickly time passes. That’s why they’re so determined to get what they want before it’s too late.

Desperate Housewives S05E02
If there is one thing everyone in suburbia can appreciate. It’s a good neighbor. You know, the kind that helps with the last bag of groceries, or brings over misplaced mail, or offers to mow your lawn.
Yes, everyone appreciates a good neighbor. The kind that helps with the last bag of groceries, but doesn’t ask, “Why is your son so moody?” The type that delivers misplaced mail, but doesn’t point your wife seems discontented. The sort that offers to mow your lawn, but doesn’t mention your husband seems cold. But if you’re not sure the man next door is as nice as he would have you believe. Do everything you can to get to know him better.

Desperate Housewives S05E03
Any child will tell you that where you find a playground you will also find bullies. Young tyrants who bring pain, intimidation, and violence. What can children do in the face of such torment? Well, there is one obvious option. But not every child is eager to go running home to mother.
Bullies. Any adult will tell you the playground is not the only place to find them. Everywhere you look, you can find people unconcerned or unaware of the pain they inflict. It might be a neighbor preying on the suspicions of her friend. Or a daughter punishing the choices of her mother. Or a housewife seeking justice from the man who sold her a car.
Yes, there are bullies everywhere. And the worst are he ones who take advantage of you without you ever knowing what they’ve done.

Desperate Housewives S05E04
If you look closely into the faces of your friends, you will see it. Right behind their smiles, you will see a certain Green-eyes monster. And then you’ll understand how envious they are of your well-kept home, you delicious food, and your tasteful sessions. But you’ll have to work hard to see the jealousy. Because good friends always work hard to hide it.
If you look closely into the face of those around you, you will catch a glimpse of a certain Green-eyed monster. And then you’ll see they envy your career, you love life, the time you spend with their child. How do you deal with such jealousy? There many ways, but the best is to simply share what you have.

Desperate Housewives S05E05
Yes, it was a night filled with surprises. Some had learned of their husband’s plans for the future. Others had discovered the truth of their wife’s past. Some were touched by their husband’s secret longings. Others were hurt by their lovers quick departure. But for one resident, the evening had gone as planned. And he now turned his thoughts to his real agenda. It wouldn’t be long now before he destroyed the man who had ruined his life. But he knew he had to move carefully. After all, he wanted it to be a surprise.
没错,这是一个充满惊喜的夜晚.有人知道了丈夫对未来的计划,有人发现了妻子的过去,有人被丈夫的渴望所打动,有人被情人的匆匆离去所伤害. 但对某一个人来说,这个夜晚正按着他的计划进行着,现在他可以全身心投入他真正的计划了.用不了多久,他就可以毁掉那个毁了他生活的人.但是他知道他要小心的进行.毕竟他希望这一切是个惊喜.

Desperate Housewives S05E07
Desire. It’s an emotion designed to lead us astray. Causing us to buy things we can’t afford…Encouraging us to sample desserts we don’t need. And pushing us into love affairs we’re clearly not ready for.
Desire. It’s an emotion designed to lead us astray. Persuading those who crave love to make foolish choices…Causing those who yearn for family to act out in anger. Allowing those who are lonely to behave in reckless ways. And when the pursuit of our heart’s desire becomes an obsession. The best we can hope for is a caring friend willing to come along…And stop us.
(Susan看见Jackson为她画的那幅画的时候, Jackson说的一段话.很感人. )

I know a lot about you. I know your cheeks get red when people say you’re pretty. I know that your eyes start to tear up whenever you talk about your grandfather. And I know that when you’re really sad, you get that beautiful, haunted look. That you try to shake off before anybody can see it.

Desperate Housewives S05E11
There are important events in the history of every family. Joyous births, tragic deaths, sublime weddings. But the one event every family dreads is the moment when they finally meet the in-laws.
Yes. There are important events in the history of every family. Meeting the in-laws is one. The moment you decide to hate them is another.

There’s a lovely home for everyone in suburbia. And a realtor eager to find you exactly what you want. Whether it’s something warm and cozy. Or something dignified and elegant. Or perhaps something affordable with a porch. Yes. Everyone wants a home with a lovely exterior. Mostly so the neighbors will never suspect the ugliness going on inside.

Everyone needs a lovely home in suburbia. Mostly so the neighbors will never suspect what’s going on inside. Behind these freshly painted walls you will find. Parents wracked with guilt. Wives tired of struggling. Lovers who have been lied to. Yes. everybody needs a lovely home in suburbia. If for no other reason than to have a place to come home to.

Desperate Housewives S05E12
At 9:02 the next morning, Edie Williams began calling her friends to let them know something humiliating had happened to her. By 9:06, her friends had begun to arrive. Just so they could hear the juicy details.

At 5:15 that afternoon. Edie Williams began calling her friends to inform them that her husband had come home. Sadly, she never got through to any of them. Gabrielle never picked up, she was too busy watching her children being told they had to obey their mother. And trying not to smile. Lynette wasn’t home when Edie called. She was with her mother laughing and sharing stories about the old days. And enjoy every minute of it. Bree was outside showing her future son in law color samples for the home she had bought him, and smiling politely when they disagreed. And Susan, well, she didn’t answer because she was sitting in her favorite chair with a cup of tea. Learning to enjoy the first time in her life what is was like to be alone.
下午五点十五分. 伊迪威廉姆斯开始给她的朋友打电话告诉她们她的丈夫回家了.不幸的是她一个也没打通.加布丽尔压根没接电话. 她忙着看着她的孩子们被教育说要听妈妈的话.还要尽量憋住笑容.伊迪打来时勒奈特不在家.她跟她母亲在一起欢笑着分享过去的旧时光.享受这一刻的每分每秒.布里出门给她的未来女婿看她为他买下房子的油漆样品去了.在他们发表不同意见时她友善的微笑.至于苏珊她没有接电话是因为她坐在心爱的椅子上喝着一杯茶.第一次学着享受生命中独自一人的时光.






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