n. 点头, 打盹, 晃动
vi. 点头, 打盹
vt. 点头表示, 点(头)
【医】 点头
give sb a nod
give a plan the nod
nod to its fall
on the nod
nod in approval
nod to sb in greeting
nod sb a welcome
nod sb back


nod v (-dd-) 1 [I, Ipr, Tn] ~ (to/at sb) move (the head) down and then up again quickly to show agreement, or as a greeting or command 点头
The teacher nodded in agreement. 老师同意地点点头.
I asked her if she wanted to come and she nodded. 我问她是否想来, 她点了点头.
She nodded (to me) as she passed. 她从我身边走过时向我点头致意.
Why are you nodding (your head) if you disagree? 你若不同意为什麽要点头呢? 2 [Tn, Dn.n,, Dpr.t]~ sth (to sb) indicate sth by nodding 点头示意
She nodded her approval. 她点头表示赞成.
He nodded me a welcome/nodded a welcome to me. 他对我点点头表示欢迎.
He nodded to me to leave the room. 他向我点头示意让我离开房间. 3 [I] let one´s head fall forward when drowsy or asleep 垂著头打瞌睡; 打盹
The old lady sat nodding by the fire. 那老太太坐在火炉旁打瞌睡. 4 [I] (of flowers, etc) bend downwards and sway (指花等)垂下并?quot;?BR>
nodding pansies ?quot;谥娜? 5 [I] make a mistake because of lack of alertness or attention (因不机警或不留心)犯错误. 6 (idm 习语) have a nodding acquaintance with sb/sth know sb/sth slightly 与某人有点头之交; 对某事物略知一二
I have no more than a nodding acquaintance with her novels. 我对她写的小说不甚了解. Homer (sometimes) nods (saying 谚) even the best, greatest, etc people occasionally make mistakes 荷马也有打盹的时候(最杰出、 最伟大的人偶尔也犯错误); 智者千虑, 必有一失. 7 (phr v) nod off (infml 口) fall asleep 睡著
I often nod off for a little while after lunch. 我在午饭後常睡一小觉. nod, n 1 act of nodding the head 点头
She gave me a nod as she passed. 她走过时朝我点一下头. 2 (idm 习语) the Land of Nod => land1. a nod is as good as a wink (to a blind horse) (saying 谚) a hint, suggestion,etc can be understood without being explicitly stated 暗示已足, 不必明言. on the `nod (infml 口) (a) (Brit) with formal assent and without discussion 未经讨论而正式表示赞成
The proposal went through (ie was approved) on the nod. 提议未经讨论而通过. (b) (esp Brit) on credit 赊购
buy sth on the nod 赊购某物.






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