n. 运气, 幸运, 好运, 侥幸
vi. 靠好运成功
be down on one's luck
for luck
be in luck
be out of luck
luck up
play big luck
rough luck
worse luck
through good luck
have no luck
as luck would have it


luck n[U] 1 chance, esp thought of as a force that brings good or bad fortune 运气; 造化
have good, poor, hard (ie bad), little, bad, etc luck 运气好、 不好、 背、 欠佳、 坏等. 2 good fortune 好运; 幸运: I hope this charm will bring you luck. 希望这个符咒会给你带来好运.
I always carry one for luck. 为讨吉利我老是带著一个.
I had the luck to find him at home. 我真幸运, 找他时他正在家.
Any luck with (ie Did you manage to get) the job? 找工作的事运气好吗?
Our luck has run out, ie has ended. 我们的运气到头了. 3 (idm 习语) as(good/ill) luck would have it fortunately/unfortunately幸而[不幸]; 碰巧[不巧]. (what) bad, rotten, etc`luck! (used to show sympathy 用以表示同情). be bad/hard `luck (on sb) be unfortunate 不幸; 倒霉
It was very hard luck (on you) to get ill on your holiday. (你)假期得病真倒霉. be ,down on one´s `luck (infml 口) have a period of misfortune 倒霉的时候; 背运之时. beginner´s luck => beginner (begin). be in/out of `luck be fortunate/unfortunate 走运[不走运]. better luck next time => better1. the devil´s own luck => devil1. ,good `luck (to sb) may sb be fortunate and successful 祝某人好运和顺利
Good luck in your exams! 祝你考得好! ,just one´s `luck (indicating that sth unfortunate or inconvenient has happened to one, as usual 用以表示运气总是那麽坏)
It was just my luck to go to the play on the day the star was ill. 我总是这麽倒霉, 去看戏那天偏巧明星病了. one´s `luck is in one is lucky 走运; 交好运. the luck of the draw the way in which chance decides what some people become, do, get, etc and others not 一个人一个命(有的人有运气, 有的人没有运气). the luck of the game the element of luck, as opposed to skill, that operates in a game, an activity, etc 手气(支配游戏、 活动等的运气, 并非技巧). ,no such `luck unfortunately not 没有那份儿运气. push one´s luck => push2. take pot luck => pot1. ,tough `luck (a) (used to show sympathy 用以表示同情). (b) (ironic 反语) (used to show that one does not really care about sb´s misfortune 用以表示对某人的不幸并不真正关心). try one´s luck/fortune => try1. worse luck => worse. luck, v (phr v) luck out (US infml 口) be lucky or successful 走运; 交好运; 侥幸成功.






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