n. 增益, 获得, 利润, 收获, 增加
vt. 得到, 增进, 赚到
vi. 获利, 增加
【计】 增益
【化】 增益
【经】 上涨; 上扬
gain an insight into
gain sb over


ain n 1 [U] increase in wealth; profit; advantage 财富的增加; 利润; 利益
One man´s loss is another man´s gain. 一人之失即是他人之得.
We hope for some gain from our investment. 我们希望投资有利可图. 2 [C] increase in amount or power; improvement 数量或力量的增加; 增进
a gain in weight of two pounds 体重增加两磅
Heavy gains were recorded on the Stock Exchange today. 今日股票价格大幅上升. gain v 1 (a) [Tn, Dn.n,] ~sth (for sb) obtain, win (esp sth wanted or needed) 获得, 赢得(尤指想要的或所需的事物)
gain possession 获得所有权
gain access to secret information 得以接触机密资料
gain sb´s affections 赢得某人的喜爱
I gained the impression that the matter had been settled. 我得到的印象是事情已经解决了.
His persistence gained him victory. 他因坚持不懈而获胜. (b) [Tn] get more of (esp sth wanted or needed) 得到更多(尤指想要的或所需的事物); 增加
gain experience, power, strength, weight 增加经验、 权势、 力量、 重量
Our campaign is gaining momentum. 我们的运动在发展壮大.
The plane rapidly gained height. 飞机急速升高. 2 [Ipr] ~ by/from (doing) sth benefit, profit from sth/doing sth 从某事物中获益、 得到好处
You can gain by watching how she works. 看她怎样工作就可获益. 3 [Tn] reach (sth) (usu with effort) 达到, 到达(通常需经努力)
After swimming for an hour, he finally gained the shore. 他游了一小时以後, 终於到达岸边. 4 [I, Tn] (of a watch or clock) go fast; become ahead of the correct time (指钟表)快
My watch gains (by) several minutes a day. 我的表一天快几分钟. 5 (idm 习语) carry/gain one´s point => point1. gain credence => credence. gain `ground make progress; begin to succeed 进步; 进展
Your campaign is gaining ground. 你们的运动不断取得进展. gain/make up ground => ground1. gain/win sb´s hand => hand1. gain/win one´s laurels => laurel. gain time obtain extra time by making excuses, deliberately using slow methods, etc 拖延时间. gain, get, etc the upper hand => upper. nothing venture, nothing gain/win => venture. stand to `gain => stand. 6 (phr v) gain in sth obtain more of (a physical or an abstract quality) 更加; 增加
gain in beauty, height, strength, weight, etc 更加美丽、 高、 强、 重等
gain in confidence, influence, knowledge, understanding, etc 增加信心、 影响、 知识、 谅解等. gain on sb/sth come closer to sb/sth, esp a rival or sth pursued 更接近某人[某事物](尤指对手或所追逐的事物); 赶上
gain on the leader in a race 在赛跑中赶上领先的人
The Socialists are gaining on the Conservatives in the opinion polls. 民意测验显示社会党已逐渐赶上保守党.






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