n. 鱼, 鱼肉, 鱼类, 接合板
vt. 钓, 钓鱼, 查出, 用接合板连接
vi. 捕鱼, 钓鱼, 用钩捞取, 摸索寻找
【医】 鱼
fish out
to fish in the air


fish n (pl unchanged or ~es 复数或不变或作fishes) =>Usage 见所附用法. 1 [C] cold-blooded animal living in water and breathing through gills, with fins and a tail for swimming 鱼
They caught several fish. 他们捉到几条鱼.
fishes, frogs and crabs 鱼、 青蛙和螃蟹 =>illus 见插图. 2 [U] flesh of fish eaten as food 鱼肉
frozen, smoked, fresh, etc fish 冻鱼、 熏鱼、 鲜鱼
boiled, fried, grilled, etc fish 煮鱼、 炸鱼、 烤鱼
Fish was served after the first course. 第一道菜之後就上了鱼. 3 (idm 习语) a big fish => big. a cold fish => cold1. a different kettle of fish => different. drink like a fish => drink2. a fine, etc kettle of fish => kettle. a ,fish out of `water person who feels uncomfortable or awkward because he is in unfamiliar surroundings 离开水的鱼(因环境不熟悉而感到不舒服或尴尬的人)
With my working-class background I feel like a fish out of water among these high-society people. 我出身於工人阶级, 在上流社会中感到很不自在. have `bigger/`other fish to fry have more important, interesting, etc things to do 另有要事或有兴趣的事要做. neither fish, flesh nor good red herring (saying 谚) difficult to identify or classify; vague; ambiguous 难以识别或分类的; 非驴非马的; 不伦不类的. an `odd/a `queer fish (infml 口) eccentric person; person whom others find hard to understand 古怪的人; 难以理解的人
He´s a bit of an odd fish -- he´s never been out of his house for years. 他这个人很古怪--多年来深居简出. play a `fish (when fishing with a rod and line) allow a fish to exhaust itself by forcing it to pull against the line (钓鱼时)让鱼拉钓线使之疲乏. there are (plenty of) `other fish in the sea; there are (plenty) `more (good) fish in the sea there are many other people/things that are as good as the one that has proved unsuccessful 海里的鱼有的是(这个不成, 好的人[事物]还有很多). fish, NOTE ON USAGE 用法
1 Fish as a countable noun has two plural forms
fish and fishes. *fish一词作可数名词时有两个复数形式
fish和fishes. 1 Fish is the more usual form, used when referring to a mass of them in the water to be caught or seen 较普通的形式是fish, 指水中可捕捉或可看见的鱼
The number of fish in coastal waters has decreased. 沿海鱼的数量已减少了.
A lot of fish were caught during the competition. 在比赛中捉到很多鱼. 2 Fishes is used to refer to different species of fish *fishes的形式是用以指鱼的不同品种
He studies in particular the fishes of the Indian Ocean. 他专门研究印度洋的鱼类. fish v 1 (a) [I, Ipr] ~ (for sth) try to catch fish with hooks, nets, etc (用鱼 、 鱼网等)捕鱼
I often fish/go fishing at weekends. 我常在周末去钓鱼.
fishing for salmon 捕大麻哈鱼. (b) [Tn] try to catch fish in (an area of water) 在(某水域)中捕鱼
fish a river, lake, etc 在河中、 湖中等捕鱼. 2 [Ipr] ~ for sth search for sth, esp in an area of water or a hidden place 寻找某物(尤指於某水域或隐蔽处)
fish for pearls 采集珍珠
Fishing (around) in the bag for the keys. 在袋子里摸找钥匙. 3 (idm 习语) fish in troubled waters try to gain advantages for oneself from a disturbed state of affairs 混水摸鱼. 4 (phr v) fish for sth try to gain sth by indirect methods 设法用间接手段得到某事物
fish for compliments, information, praise 拐弯抹角获得恭维、 情报、 赞扬. fish sth out (of sth) take or pull sth out (of sth) esp after searching for it 经搜寻後从(某物)中拖出或拉出某物
Several old cars are fished out (of the canal) every month. 每月都从运河中打捞出几辆旧汽车来.
He fished a length of string out of his pocket. 他从口袋里掏出一条绳子.






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