n. 挑战, 挑动, 大胆
vt. 敢, 胆敢
vi. 敢, 胆敢
dare to do
I dare say


dare modal v (neg 否定式 dare not, contracted form 缩约式 daren´t; rare or fml pt 罕用或文学语言用过去式 dared, neg 否定式 dared not) 1 (used esp in negative sentences and questions, after if/whether, or with hardly, never, no one, nobody 尤用於否定句及疑问句中, 在if/whether之後, 或与hardly、 never、 no one、 nobody连用) have sufficient courage or impudence (to do sth) 敢; 敢於; 竟敢; 胆敢
I daren´t ask her for a rise. 我不敢要求她加薪.
What´s the matter daren´t you read what it says? 怎麽了--你难道不敢把上面写的念出来吗?
I wonder whether he dare stand up in public. 我不知道他敢不敢站在大庭广众面前.
They hardly dared breathe as somebody walked past the door! 有人在门前走过, 他们几乎不敢呼吸了!
If you ever dare call me that name again, you´ll be sorry. 你胆敢再那样叫我, 你就後悔莫及了.
Nobody dared lift their eyes from the ground. 没有人敢把视线离开地面. 2 (idm 习语) how `dare you, he, she, etc (used to express indignation at the actions of others 用以表示对他人举动的愤慨)
How dare you suggest that I copied your notes! 你竟敢认为我抄了你的笔记!
How dare he take my bicycle without even asking! 他怎麽连问都不问就敢把我的自行车骑走了! I dare say I accept (sth) as a true or possible fact 我相信; 可能
I ,dare say you `are British but you still need a passport to prove it. 我相信你是英国人, 但仍需有护照加以证明.
`I would imagine he´s forgotten.´ `I ,dare `say!´ `我猜想他忘记了.'`很可能!' dare v 1 [Tt] have sufficient courage 敢; 敢於; 竟敢; 胆敢
I don´t know how she dares wear that dress. 我不知道她怎麽敢穿那件连衣裙.
I´ve never dared go back to look. 我再也不敢回去看一眼了.
Privatize the national parks? They´d never dare, would they? 把国家公园私营化? 他们绝对不敢, 对吗?
How did you dare to tell her? 你怎麽竟敢告诉她了?
Don´t (you) dare leave the room! (你)敢离开这间屋子! 2 [Tn, Dn.t] suggest to (sb) that he tries to do sth beyond his courage or ability; challenge 激(某人)做某事; 挑战
Throw it at him! I dare you! 向他投掷! 我谅你也不敢!
I dare you to tell your mother! 我谅你不敢告诉你母亲!
Somebody dared me to jump off the bridge into the river. 有人激我敢不敢从桥上跳进河里. 3 [Tn no passive 不用於被动语态] (fml 文) take the risk of having to face (sth) 冒著(某事物)的风险
He dared his grandfather´s displeasure when he left the family business. 他不顾祖父的不悦, 放下了家族的生意. dare, n (usu sing 通常作单数) 1 challenge to do sth dangerous or difficult 做危险的或困难的事的胆量; 挑战
`Why did you climb onto the roof?´ `It was a dare.´ `你为什麽爬到屋顶上去了?'`试试胆量.' 2 (idm 习语) for a `dare because one has received a challenge 因受到激将
He only entered the competition for a dare. 他只是因为受人激将才参加竞赛.






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